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27th to 29th April 2016 National Yearling Sale
29 Aug 2016, Mon Flamingo
30 Aug 2016, Tue Vaal
31 Aug 2016, Wed Greyville
31 Aug 2016, Wed Kenilworth
01 Sep 2016, Thu Vaal
02 Sep 2016, Fri Fairview
03 Sep 2016, Sat Kenilworth

Recent Winners
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South Africa South Africa 2016-08-29  Flamingo
Trainer: C J Lensley
Jockey: Mpumelelo Mjoka
South Africa South Africa 2016-08-29  Flamingo
Trainer: S Miller
Jockey: Gunter Wrogemann
South Africa South Africa 2016-08-29  Flamingo
Trainer: J Borman
Jockey: Calvin Ngcobo
South Africa South Africa 2016-08-29  Flamingo
Trainer: S Von Willingh Smit
Jockey: Randall Simons
South Africa South Africa 2016-08-29  Flamingo
Trainer: WGC Miller
Jockey: Marco V'Rensburg



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Killarney Dental & Aesthetic Centre

Owner Dr Kevin Bakos & Dr Chryss Evgeniou


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Flamingo Park - Monday 29/08/2016

Weather @08h00Sunny, Pleasantly Warm 28degs. 21kph Northerly Cross Wind
Rainfall Last 24 HoursNil
Rainfall Last 7 DaysNil
Irrigation Last 24 HoursNil
Irrigation Last 7 Days16mm
Track ConditionStandard

Independant Owners Association

Popular Owner Brian Burnard has intentions of establishing an Independent Owners Association.

Brian must be applauded for having the courage to take on such a mammoth time consuming task and it seems he should be well supported because when visiting the track one can hear many owners and others complaining about the way the game is run.

Brian says that he feels that its well worth the time and effort he and others will be putting in. "We don't want to stand by and watch things deteriorate further" said Brian "however the situation is the norm when one "Party" has too much control and no checks and balances are in place".

We wish Brian and company the very best going forward

Brian can be contacted by email on

Smart Call

Smart Call in England celebrating her birthday with Groom from Randjes Moffat and Trainer Alec Laird.