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30 Sep 2014, Tue Chepstow 8
30 Sep 2014, Tue Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort 8
30 Sep 2014, Tue Parx Racing at Philadelphia Park 9
30 Sep 2014, Tue Vaal 9
30 Sep 2014, Tue Finger Lakes 9
30 Sep 2014, Tue Fort Erie 10
30 Sep 2014, Tue Wolverhampton 6
30 Sep 2014, Tue Ayr 8
30 Sep 2014, Tue Fairyhouse 7
30 Sep 2014, Tue Sedgefield 7
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Recent Winners

South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  NOBLE VIRTUE Trainer: B O Wiid
  Jockey: Gunter Wrogemann
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  ONE MAN'S DREAM Trainer: L W Goosen
  Jockey: Piere Strydom
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  SPUTNIK SWEETHEART Trainer: S Moffatt
  Jockey: Marthinus Mienie
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  CHARANGA Trainer: D Zaki
  Jockey: S'Manga Khumalo
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  INKOLO Trainer: L J Erasmus
  Jockey: Hennie Greyling
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  DANISH ZEALOT (AUS) Trainer: W H Marwing
  Jockey: Marco V'Rensburg
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  LAST BATTLE Trainer: D Zaki
  Jockey: Piere Strydom
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  FOR GIA Trainer: D N Stenger
  Jockey: Jarryd Penny
South Africa South Africa 2014-09-30  Vaal
 1  ENAAD (AUS) Trainer: M F De Kock
  Jockey: Brian Nyawo
United Kingdom United Kingdom 2014-09-29  Bath
 1  Kifaaya Trainer: Mark Johnston
  Jockey: Dane O'Neill


What our users say...

"I have used horse racing sites all over the world, but this site is in a league of its own."

Andrew Bonn
(Horseracing TV Presenter)



South Africa currently has a lot of good jockeys plying their trade, we also have a dozen or so master jockeys, but above all we have Striker.

South Africa has had more than its fair share of great jockeys, I mention a few from the past that come to mind, Martin, Gerald and Roy have passed on, Raymond and Robbie changed professions, Muis retired, Rhys and Bartie both never recovered from injuries, Australia got Jeff, Hong Kong landed Dougie and South Africa by default retains Piere, Andrew, Kevin, Karl and and a few others.

The European art of race riding has for decades been perfected in South Africa, evidence of this was demonstrated when one of South Africa greatest jockeys ever the Mighty Micheal Roberts won the English Jockeys title in the early nineties, unfortunately the multitude of that feat is not fully recognized or understood by the current SA racing hierarchy.

In my opinion the only place where South African riders will battle to compete at first is in the Americas where sectional timing is fully understood and practiced daily on the tight circuits but after some short time our top boys would make the adjustment and compete at the top level.

Piere is one of the worlds best race riders and luckily for SA racing he has not been snapped up by one of the big international racing outfits.

GARTH PULLER JOINS MYSTABLE.INFO has added Trainer Garth Puller to its team of experts giving punters daily infomation on South Africa racing.

"i am more than willing to join the team of experts that has been put together by George, anything that helps improve turnovers is the way forward for the game, i will do my part just like Piere, Gavin and Andy are doing, punters are the lifeblood of the industry and i will give my opinions and try to guide racing fans".

George Croucher has developed a website that hosts videos of Piere Strydom, Gavin Venter and Andrew Fortune going through race by race interviews on racing in JHB, PE and CT

"We are very happy that Garth has accepted to join us, his racing achievements speak for themselves" said founder George Croucher, "where on earth can you get a better service than this in horse racing, Champion jockeys and Trainers giving punters valuable insights race by race on a daily basis for very affordable prices, but please keep it quiet or someone will wake up the racing press, strange that we been going for over two months and not a word on Telly Track or anywhere in the racing press

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Sundance Kid wins champion punter competition

Mike Rofail picked R70400 1st prize plus his closing balance of R32000 which he got to keep.

The players kicked off with R6000 bank and had to spend a minimum of R400 per race with R1000 for exotics and the balance of R1400 to be used any way they wanted.

Mike caught some Quartets late in the day to hit the front and secure the pot.

The last competition was won by Frankie Zackey

Formgrids founder David Safi said he was happy with the results of the competitions as Frank and Mike are both good savvy players and ardent supporters of the game. "Frank worked with me for a while back in the 90's when Bruma tattersals still housed 13 or so strong bookmakers, an unprecedented era in SA racing and Mike grew up in front of me and has matured into a successful businessman from humble beginnings, i will follow the last competition of the season with great interest"

Phumelela’s operations manager Alfie Little says “there are exciting ideas for the last tournament of the season"

PLEASE NOTE was started and moved forward by George Croucher. brings to the man in the street expert form analysis, on video, from four annalists three of which are former Champion jockeys.

George, in my opinion, has made excellent choices in using extremely well versed form students in ANDREW FORTUNE, GAVIN VENTER,MUZI YENI and PIERRE STRIKER STRYDOM.

Formgrids have now done a partnership agreement with and will promote the service on our platform. We do this as a paid service for the benefit of the more serious race player, who, when gambling, risks his hard earned money in order to try turn a profit. Punters that win regularly are favoured by the Tote - as the more the punter wins the more he plays. Gamblers gamble and the reinvestment of winning money, race by race, generates increased earnings for the Tote. Some of this money gets used toward the running costs of racing. This, then, benefits Phumelela, Phumela shareholders, Gold Circle, the RA, the Owners and others that make a living out of racing. It can also suits the bookmaker if he runs a book and works to percentages.

We want race fans to understand that the selections expressed by the race annalysts are the opinions of the annalysts. The race fan can, if he so chooses, use the selections as a base to begin his/her own study and assessment of the form of a race in order to make a prediction as to the possible outcome of the race. Finding winners is a lifetime apprenticeship and very few qualify. We bring you tools and assistance in the hope that you will progress and learn the skill needed to enjoy the Game of Kings.

We understand - and hope that you understand - that a horse race, in itself, houses many variant physical elements. Luck in running becomes a major factor in the outcome.

Always follow your own mind. This way, if you lose, you will have less to complain about. And when you win, you will feel good at getting it right.

Formgrids would like to thank the bookmakers that have sponsored the pages as well as George and the team of ANDY, GAVIN ,MUZI and PIERRE for the time and effort they put in by going the extra mile to assist the punter and the Racing Game.

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La Grange Racing Syndicate (Nom: Mrs G A Rupert)
Lammerskraal Stud (Nom: Mr M L P Rattray)
Trainer: J Ramsden
Western Winter (USA) - Red Parade by Parade Leader (USA)



Kahal (GB) - Fancy Fantasy by Rainbow Dream (FR)
Owner: Messrs C N Larsson, G N Cumming & R D Samuelson
Breeder: Mr & Mrs Bruce Le Roux
Trainer: Mark Dixon


Must watch

It has been 1 week since the launch of here are some of our analyst's thought's on the meetings they covered...

This is a MUST watch ~

Why Gavin Venter is so highly regarded by the South African racing public

On Friday 2nd May Gavin Venter once again showed just why he is so highly regarded by the South African racing public when his suggested Fairview Bipot and Place Accumulator permutations where both spot on, his page members caught 16 Bipots and 32 PA's, The total outlay for both bets was R768.00 and returned a dividend of R2692.80. His race by race summary was also superb with exactas , Trifectas and Quartets being caught in 7 of the 8 races...The Venter experience continues to yield dividends....

Gavin Venter Interview

My Stable Sample

Site changes

We have been making several site changes both for future new features as well as performance improvements and to ease our site admin functions.

We have received various feedback on the changes - some positive and some complaints of missing or incomplete data.

We are reviewing all the feed back and are working on these issues.

Some issues are due to the new data formats (some of which caught us by surprise) and some are simply teething problems.

Certain issues like jockey allowances are getting urgent attention. Other issues like the jockey and trainer names require some background rework to standardise them.

But all of these issues will be sorted out during this next week. However, considering the magnitude of the changes things went remarkably well.

STRIKER and FORTUNE preview Champions day

The two Champion jockeys have teamed up in an online preview available on the website to help guide punters through the tough Champions day race card for the meeting to be held at Turffontein on Sat 26th

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