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27 Nov 2014, Thu Golden Gate Fields 8
27 Nov 2014, Thu Thurles 7
27 Nov 2014, Thu Del Mar 8
27 Nov 2014, Thu Newbury 7
27 Nov 2014, Thu Aqueduct 9
27 Nov 2014, Thu Kempton Park 8
27 Nov 2014, Thu Uttoxeter 7
27 Nov 2014, Thu Fair Grounds 10
27 Nov 2014, Thu Laurel Park 9
27 Nov 2014, Thu Taunton 7
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31st Oct & 2nd Nov:
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Recent Winners

South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  STRATAGEA Trainer: A G Laird
  Jockey: Weichong Marwing
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  CAPE MARIGOLD Trainer: M N Houdalakis
  Jockey: Gavin Lerena
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  NIGHT FALL Trainer: J A Janse van Vuuren
  Jockey: Anthony Delpech
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  WALL 'N ALL Trainer: S J Gray
  Jockey: Karl Zechner
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  SHADOW LINE Trainer: S W Kenny
  Jockey: Gunter Wrogemann
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  MOVE LIKE JAGGER Trainer: L W Goosen
  Jockey: Piere Strydom
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  HEART OF A LION Trainer: G H Van Zyl
  Jockey: Piere Strydom
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  DOING IT FOR DAN Trainer: L W Goosen
  Jockey: Piere Strydom
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  LOVE TO SAIL Trainer: M F De Kock
  Jockey: Anthony Delpech
South Africa South Africa 2014-11-27  Vaal
 1  ALGHADEER Trainer: M F De Kock
  Jockey: Anthony Delpech


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False Rail: (m) 5.0

Penetrometer: 22.0

Weather: Partly cloudy

Wind: Tail wind

Rainfall: (mm) 24 hours - 0.0

7 days - 0.0

New Racing Blog

Come and see, plus participate (if you wish) the new racing Blog, "Racing Imperative".

This Blog, started by David, intends to highlight and discuss the key issues in racing in SA. It will be informative, (probably) controversial and certainly hard hitting.

"If we can fix the ills in racing we will help ensure racing will live into the future. This is what I want and I am sure many other racing enthusiasts want as well. I would hate to see this sport die out. I love it too much," commented David about his new Blog.

We decided that Formgrids was not the correct forum for this. Formgrids is about providing excellent information in an accessible way. It is positive and in this way Formgrids contributes to get and keep racing exciting.

Click to view the new Racing Imperatve Blog

Heads up on the impending Version 3 of Formgrids

Version 3 will be a significant upgrade to the current version of Formgrids. We have run into a few delays(such as dealing with some special security measures after an intense cyber attack on Formgrids - which was costly in time and money) and the last few challenges to get it all working 100% right.

You have probably heard by now that there will be a paid subscription section to Formgrids. That is true. However, we have decided not to let down our faithful users.

So the Pro section will mostly contain features you will not have seen before. Only a very few functions on the current site will move to the Pro section. These are mostly pilot functions that we were field testing. They were intended for the Pro section anyway.

So for those of you who cannot or do not want to pay a monthly fee, the site will provide pretty much what it does now. Only better, faster and more reliable. You will always be welcome to join at a later time.

PS: The fee will be very reasonable. We are counting on our faithful to support us.


We at Formgrids salute you, you have made your mark on SA racing and your name goes into the record book alongside South African greatest Jockeys which include Michael Roberts and Gerald Turner.



See the final field for the 2014 Summer Cup.

See Card


Wolfgang has worked day and night for many months on version 3 and the good news for Formgrids subscribers is that we are almost ready to launch, Wolf has given me a sneak preview and I am very happy with what I saw.

Unfortunately we may have to implement a monthly charge to help cover costs as it seems I have lost the ongoing battle to keep this fine tool free for racing fans. We have crawled on for the last 10 years without much help from those in positions that could/should help, it has now got to the stage where we are about to lose trained staff due to the fact that they can no longer make ends meet on the salaries we can afford to pay.

For several months Gold Circle has been contributing considerably toward our running costs and a big thank you goes to Graeme Hawkins, Neil Butcher and the GC board, please be sure to support their new bookmaking venture Track and Ball, we are also grateful to the support we receive from the TBA and CTS as well as other advertisers including Phumelela who run a monthly ad with us.



The Formgrids team wishes to express a big thank you to those loyal racing men and women, who have supported us over the years by advertising on our website, without your support who knows what would have happened to this invaluable asset to the game.

We extend a special thank you to GOLD CIRCLE, TBA and CTS

How's this for a good formline

La Grange Racing Syndicate (Nom: Mrs G A Rupert)
Lammerskraal Stud (Nom: Mr M L P Rattray)
Trainer: J Ramsden
Western Winter (USA) - Red Parade by Parade Leader (USA)


FORMGRIDS promotes SA horseracing abroad

It's Friday 24-10-2014 @ 6:05pm and Formgrids has users from:

United Kingdom


South Africa currently has a lot of good jockeys plying their trade, we also have a dozen or so master jockeys, but above all we have Striker.

South Africa has had more than its fair share of great jockeys, I mention a few from the past that come to mind, Martin, Gerald and Roy have passed on, Raymond and Robbie changed professions, Muis retired, Rhys and Bartie both never recovered from injuries, Australia got Jeff, Hong Kong landed Dougie and South Africa by default retains Piere, Andrew, Kevin, Karl and and a few others.

The European art of race riding has for decades been perfected in South Africa, evidence of this was demonstrated when one of South Africa greatest jockeys ever the Mighty Micheal Roberts won the English Jockeys title in the early nineties, unfortunately the multitude of that feat is not fully recognized or understood by the current SA racing hierarchy.

In my opinion the only place where South African riders will battle to compete at first is in the Americas where sectional timing is fully understood and practiced daily on the tight circuits but after some short time our top boys would make the adjustment and compete at the top level.

Piere is one of the worlds best race riders and luckily for SA racing he has not been snapped up by one of the big international racing outfits.

GARTH PULLER JOINS MYSTABLE.INFO has added Trainer Garth Puller to its team of experts giving punters daily infomation on South Africa racing.

"i am more than willing to join the team of experts that has been put together by George, anything that helps improve turnovers is the way forward for the game, i will do my part just like Piere, Gavin and Andy are doing, punters are the lifeblood of the industry and i will give my opinions and try to guide racing fans".

George Croucher has developed a website that hosts videos of Piere Strydom, Gavin Venter and Andrew Fortune going through race by race interviews on racing in JHB, PE and CT

"We are very happy that Garth has accepted to join us, his racing achievements speak for themselves" said founder George Croucher, "where on earth can you get a better service than this in horse racing, Champion jockeys and Trainers giving punters valuable insights race by race on a daily basis for very affordable prices, but please keep it quiet or someone will wake up the racing press, strange that we been going for over two months and not a word on Telly Track or anywhere in the racing press

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