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(KW277) WELCOME TO KENILWORTH MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2016-12-13 Time: 13:00
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R75000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
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Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 16LOVE TO BOOGIEAldo Domeyer3f A 60.017 1 -2.5071.5710/122/1KW377KW577KW653KW704
« KW187KW205KW539DE117KW160KW208KW2515DANCE AT DAWNDonovan Dillon4f61A B60.010 2 2.5072.0310/122/1KW305KW348KW375KW403KW441KW464KW697
KW2089FIELD OF LIGHTSean Veale3f A 60.09 3 3.2572.172/128/10KW331KW368GE736GE832SV967
KW66020WESTONSihle Cele3f A 60.014 4 4.0072.3033/145/1KW331KW469KW514KW640KW13
KW27DE61DE101DE133KW2171LIGHT CHASERGrant Van Niekerk3f74A 60.03 5 4.2072.348/111/2KW328AKW375KW511KW562KW685KW24
KW603KW660KW47KW2083DARK GODDESSRichard Fourie3f67A 60.018 6 5.4572.5713/113/1KW329KW26
KW2087BALTIAGreg Cheyne4f A 60.06 7 6.7072.815/128/10KW329KW407KW562KW622
 12ICE MAIDENCorne Orffer3f A 60.04 8 6.7572.8210/140/1KW323KW367FW384FW475FW551FW569FW9 »
 10GOLDEN WINEJassurick Jordaan3f A 60.05 9 7.0572.8735/166/1KW348
KW175KW20814LADY VOGUEHeavelon V'D Hoven3f A B60.013 10 7.8073.02100/1100/1KW374KW404KW443KW554
KW20819TAMASHI (AUS)Grant Behr3f A 60.015 11 8.5573.1633/155/1KW350KW404FW485FW509FW534FW551FW9
KW594DE2DE70KW2082CLASS PROTECTORCraig Bantam3f73A 60.0*4.01 12 8.6573.1810/18/1 
 11HIPS DON'T LIEGareth Wright3f A 60.012 13 9.1573.2745/155/1KW348KW503KW603
« DE105DE145KW214KW270KW320DE128KW1996GIN FOR GENIUSM J Byleveld5m60A 60.016 14 9.2573.2922/122/1KW328AKW364KW410KW461KW622KW24
KW2088ETERNAL NIGHTAkshay Balloo3f A 60.0*2.511 15 9.3573.3118/128/1KW323KW374KW403KW461KW502KW672KW10
KW22517MISS D' ARAYJason Smitsdorff3f A 60.08 16 9.4573.3310/115/1KW329KW395KW434KW466KW503KW534KW556 »
KW19915LONDON FIREXavier Carstens3f A 60.07 17 9.8573.41100/1100/1KW331KW367KW404KW466KW477KW575
DE60DE102KW158KW199KW2254RUNNING BEAROswald Noach3f67A 60.02 18 11.3573.6945/166/1 


15 Dec 2016    02:24  - sonja  


a) The point of the saddle on ETERNAL LIGHT (*A Balloo) broke on the way to the start, which resulted in Apprentice A Balloo being taken back to the weighing room to replace the saddle and reweigh causing a delay.

b) MISS D’ARAY (J Smitsdorff) broke through the front gate, dislodged the rider who kept a hold on the filly, was immediately returned to the start, examined by the Veterinary Surgeon, declared fit to race and was reloaded causing a further delay. Trainer G R Puller will be advised to have this filly reschooled before her next engagement in terms of Rule 61.6.10.

c) DARK GODDESS (R Fourie) jumped awkwardly with her head up losing one length and thereafter was slow into stride.

d) LOVE TO BOOGIE (A Domeyer) was slow losing two lengths and thereafter was slow into stride.

e) BALTIA (G Cheyne) reared continually in the stalls. Trainer B Crawford will be advised to have this filly reschooled before her next engagement in terms of Rule 61.6.10.

f) LONDON FIRE (X Carstens) jumped awkwardly losing two lengths and thereafter was slow into stride.

g) ETERNAL NIGHT (*A Balloo) was restless in the stalls.


a) Apprentice A Balloo’s saddle was inspected by the Stipendiary Board, which was of the opinion that he could not be held responsible for the broken point and took no further action.

b) Jockey J Smitsdorff (MISS D’ARAY) reported that this filly took no interest in running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine the filly on her return to the unsaddling enclosure and submit a report.

c) Approaching the 300m BALTIA (G Cheyne) had to ease off the heels of LIGHT CHASER (G van Niekerk), which was carried in by a tiring ETERNAL LIGHT (*A Balloo).

d) TAMASHI (AUS) (G Behr) raced green.

e) An Inquiry will be opened regarding Jockey G van Niekerk’s (LIGHT CHASER) riding in the latter stages.

f) LOVE TO BOOGIE (A Domeyer), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer W A Nel was advised. (SN)


a) Nil


a) Nil


a) MISS D’ARAY (J Smitsdorff) returned with a mouth injury.

b) DARK GODDESS (R Fourie) returned making an abnormal respiratory noise, and with a mouth injury.

c) RUNNING BEAR (O Noach) returned with a mouth injury.

d) TAMASHI (AUS) (G Behr) returned fatigued.


a) IN TANDEM – injured on the right fore tendon. Rule 53.5 applies.

b) OAKLEY COURT – fell, under medication. Rule 53.5 applies.

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