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Venue: Greyville
Date: Friday, 21 April 2017
R#  TimeSurfaceRace Info
1Card ACard B18:25PolytrackDOWNLOAD THE tabGOLD INFORMATION APP MAIDEN PLATE ((For all Maidens))
2Card ACard B18:45PolytrackALL TO COME MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) ((For Maiden Fillies & Mares))
3Card ACard B19:05PolytrackTGiF! TO GREYVILLE, IT'S FRIDAY! MAIDEN PLATE ((For all Maidens))
4Card ACard B19:25PolytrackSA RACING APP MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) ((For Maiden Fillies & Mares))
5Card ACard B19:45PolytrackKIDZONE MR 70 DIVIDED HANDICAP LOWER ((Open))
6Card ACard B20:05PolytrackBRAAI ZONE MR 62 DIVIDED HANDICAP LOWER ((Open))
7Card ACard B20:25PolytrackRACING. IT'S A RUSH MIDDLE STAKES ((For horses with nett rating of 80 and below))
8Card ACard B20:45PolytrackLIGHTNING SHOT BAR QUALIFIED MAIDEN PLATE ((For all Maidens))
9Card ACard B21:05PolytrackITSARUSH.CO.ZA FM 80 HANDICAP (F & M) ((For Fillies and Mares))