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Tomorrow's racemeeting at Fairview moves from the Turf to the Polytrack. Race 2 will now be run over 2200m. Races 3, 8 and 9 will be run over 1300m.

KZN SEASON REVIEW Graeme Hawkins , Brett Crawford AND Justin Snaith.
Produced by Andrew Bon

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At The Races Racing News 17th Aug 2017

Snow at the Alchemy

Phillip Kahan breeder of Triple Crown winner Louis The King shared this pic with racegoers.

Madness with Double Standards.

I find it so strange that the extremely popular industry serving website gets no support from all the industry advertisers that advertise on Turf Talk.

Included in the clique are the following advertisers, Telly Track, Bloodstock South Africa, Betting World, The Racing Association and Cape Thoroughbred Sales

"Some of them used to advertise with us but all have pulled out and cut their support," said David Safi Formgrids founder, "It's gone so far that recently Andrew Bon found himself in hot water after inviting me to analyse a race with him on Telly Track, although we tipped the quartet to the viewers".

"Telly Track bosses have warned all industry presenters that they are not allowed to mention the name Formgrids on Telly Track at all", "I'm surprised as to how they buckle and allow this type of poisonous dictatorship to further damage the industry, but understand that they are dependent on their jobs", "after all Rob Scott Telly Track boss recently said something to the effect of "play on the tote for the good of racing" but yet he's put a gag out on the "website that supports the game" which thousands of racing fans use daily to make their selections with and then spend on the tote.

"We are in no way competing with them nor do we take bets on our site, all we do is provide information to the racing public who then bet with them, so what exactly is it that they want to do to us? silence us from promoting racing?"


The craziest part is the more they try to damage Formgrids and David the more they retard racing,, they say they want to build racing but perhaps they use the word "racing" but really mean their own "company and needs".

The Alchemy

Formgrids ready for 13 year Celebration will celebrate its 13th year of existence on August 23rd 2017.

We are very pleased by what our platform showcasing South African Horseracing has achieved.

Our latest one year stats for the period Jun 17, 2016 - Jun 17, 2017.




Our Google stats only started from Nov 2008 until Jun 17, 2017.




David was Interviewed by Whogives Ashit from Icouldntcarelessville

Q. Why do you continue to provide this service to the Horseracing Industry despite the fact that you get no support from the very industry that you are promoting ?.

A. I don't know.

Q. Why do Telly Track management see you as an enemy and advise all presenters not to mention the word Formgrids on Telly Track when clearly Formgrids promotes the turnovers that help fund their very existence ?.

A. I don't know.

Q. Do you think that salaried men with great perks need to rock the boat and move things along if there is no direct benefit to their own pockets ?.

A. I don't know

Q. what the hell do you know ?

A. All i know is that racing needs every bit of help it can get.

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